For Part 7 we took a look back at Hatake’s ACG World for part 8 we take a look back at a community favorite, Vintage USA. During the late 90’s Vintage USA was one of the earlier sites I stumbled upon in my internet sneaker adventures and a site I checked frequently for images and prices of rare sneakers. Although it was a site located in the United States it definitely had a Japanese vibe as it offered vintage clothing and antiques in addition to sneaker rarities.

vintage usa 2

vintage usa 3

I recall specifically wanting to buy a pair of Nike Air Force 180’s and a pair of OG Grape Teal V’s (amongst a bunch of other sneakers) but not having a credit card to do so (my parents weren’t comfortable with paying for anything online at the time especially not 400 + dollars for a pair of sneakers).

vintage usa 12

vintage usa 14

No, instead I could just stare in awe at the heat that I couldn’t buy and pray that one day I would somehow be able to track down many of the shoes I always wanted (eventually I would).

vintage usa 17

vintage usa 8

They also ran auctions, and contrary to what many may believe there weren’t many deals and steals to be had on the site.

vintage usa 7

vintage usa 16

vintage usa 28

Today, Unlike many sites from the time period, Vintage USA is still going strong and still see’s updates (although not much in the sneaker department these days) and while eBay and shoe forums have taken what Vintage USA did to the next level we all owe a debt of gratitude to one of the pioneers in the game.

vintage usa 4