Frank Thomas is putting the “Big Hurt” on Reebok. How many times have you heard this today? TMZ reports that Frank Thomas filed a lawsuit against Reebok for infringing upon his Big Hurt name and logo both of which were used without his permission for the Big Hurt retro (a shoe that originally released back in 1996, and that thus far has only released overseas).



Images via Crookedtongues

Ok, so everything has been pretty much regurgitated several times over and and you get the reason why he’s suing but there are some things I’d like to weigh in on, decisions for shoe heads around the world but especially in the US. Although the Big Hurt retro has not officially been released in the United States they have been released overseas and with the possibility of these shoes never making it stateside people are starting to wonder whether or not they should pick up a pair now or pay a premium later. Well, on one hand, you have the possibility that Frank Thomas will settle with Reebok out of court and allow for the release to proceed as scheduled. On the other hand Frank is pissed and lawyers have stated in court documents that “Thomas has been damaged by Reebok’s unauthorized use of his identity. WHEREFORE, Thomas requests that relief be granted in his favor and against Reebok, for (a) damages sustained by Thomas, including Reebok’s profits, in an amount to be determined at trial, (b) punitive damages, (c) attorneys’ fees and costs, (d) a permanent injunction requiring Reebok to refrain from any use of Thomas’ identity without prior authorization from Thomas.” Notice the ending where he says permanent injunction but also that they may not use his identity without prior authorization (possibly implying he’s ok with the shoe as long as he gets paid). While its hard to wrap your mind around the idea that a company like Reebok jacked his logo and retro’d his shoe without even telling him (the equivalent of a back hand slap) its a reality of the world we live in. Its possible Reebok was ready for this and just wanted to get the shoe to market as fast as possible but its also possible Reebok didn’t give a flying #$^&. Either way should you buy the retro now or wait? My advice, if you like the shoe, grew up watching Frank and like them get them. If you want these strictly for the gamble that they may become rare and therefore valuable its a toss up and decision you’ll have to make on your own. To check out the entire case document thus far visit scribd.