Wow. Its crazy to believe that this album is officially 20 years old. Nineteen ninety four was a much different time for music, a historic time, a time that future generations will continuously revisit. It was this year we lost Kurt Cobain, Biggies Ready To Die and Nas’s Illmatic would release, Method Man brought the Pain, Stone Temple Pilots, Sound Garden, 2Pac the list goes on and on. Then there was Nine Inch Nails and the Downward Spiral. Taking you through the destruction of a man in an emotional rollercoaster of an album, Johnny Cash would go on to cover one of the biggest singles ‘Hurt’. Closer and its exotic video dominated MTV and the album would go on to hit platinum status four times in the U.S. If you own Pretty Hate Machine then you’ll definitely want to add this classic to the collection. Check out this 1994 interview with Trent Reznor below and then head off to eBay to pick up your copy today.