Wipe those tears away, its a done deal. Nike officially dropped the Yeezy 2 today unannounced and they sold out. You can whine and scream about it on social media but at the end of the day they did the right thing. With demand through the roof for what seems like every $%^&* release these days (and people trying to get a leg up on everyone by using Bots), this was a good way to keep atleast some individuals in the dark and keep things partially honest (otherwise the chances were really slim that the average honest dude would have been able to snag a pair). The other angle to this is that it was the best way to cut ties with Kanye without giving Adidas momentum with his new line. Release the shoe unannounced with no release date and thus no building momentum and be done with it. While I wouldn’t be surprised if Nike or Footlocker for that matter has another secret drop, it was the best way to handle one of the trickiest releases of all time.