When I wrote about Ten Sneaker Pricing Fails On eBay  I thought nearly 10k for a pair of Gamma Flights was bad, but this one takes the cake (for now).  There’s no denying Robert Parish is a legendary player that played for two of the greatest teams of all time.  There’s also no denying that his autograph holds some value and that those Avia 830’s are dope.  Still, neither is anything close to $38,000.00 (which is the price of a new Lexus).  The seller advertises these as being game used in the championship where the Celtics lost to the Lakers.  Cool, lots of history perfect for a Celtics fan but when you can snag an Upper Deck authenticated autograph straight from Steiner Sports (a highly reputable dealer in autographs) with Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods all on one piece for $7500, reality should set in.  True,  something is worth what someone is willing to pay, but its highly unlikely anyone is going to fall for this joke.  Via eBay.