Image Via SI.COM
These days it seems like everyone and their mother is jumping on the sneaker collector bandwagon declaring themselves a bonified shoe head because they’ve owned A PAIR of Jays back in the day and have copped the last 10 hyped up shoe releases. Yea, their doin’ it. But what about the guys we don’t know about, the ones that do their own thing and really could care less if every shoe blog on earth puts them up on a pedestal for e-props? While flipping through pages of an old SI I spotted this classic photo of Steve Smith with some real heat. You would assume by the photo that this is a pic of everyones kicks but they were only Steve’s, his boys were just assisting with the lace ups. Fila’s Made In Italy, OG Flight 89 lows, OG Trainer III’s, OG first release Reebok Pumps, OG Nike Air Force STS’s, Adidas Forum Mids, Air Bounds and I’m sure no one missed the OG White cement and True Blue III’s not to mention the OG Con’s and other shoes not pictured. Check out this classic pic and lets hope Steve Will give us an update on this very well rounded collection from 1990.