Things are never good when a player isn’t wearing his latest signature shoe, especially when your first name is Lebron and you’re last name is James. Since Lebron has ditched the 11th installement of his shoe several times in lieu of the Lebron X the lolz and speculation ran rampant. Lebron finally broke his silence and no one was really shocked. Since the shoe fits narrow and needs to be broken in over time Lebron’s wide feet were taking a beating, something an athlete at his level just can’t afford. Nonetheless his lack of play time in them hasn’t hurt sales much with little argument that these are indeed one of the best looking sneakers for 2013 so lets take a look at the top ten best colorways that were available for last year.

lebron xi parachute

Parachute Gold aka Kings Pride
Image Via Konstantin Kachanov
The colorway isn’t all together neutral but of all the non NikeID Lebron XI’s they will be the easiest to match up. Doesn’t hurt that they look $%^&@# dope too.

black red

Image Via Sole Collector
Of all the colorway’s these have the most pop. Whatever you do, please don’t call these the Bred XI’s……………..


‘Terracotta Warrior’
Image Via Nike
Inspired by Terracotta Warrior Statues in Xi’An and with hits of 3m this absolutely menacing colorway of the Lebron 11 is a must have.

forging iron

Urban Orange/Light Armory Blue-Laser Orange “Forging Iron”
Image Via Nicekicks
With talks of limited production for these, Iron Man fans are licking their chops. The shoe is a metaphor for Lebron as the process involved that forms iron has no short cuts is a skill that requires precision. NICE.

gamma blue

Gamma Blue
Image Via BurnrubberDetroit
Another steel theme, the colorway represents the point at which steel turns blue, which, just so happens to be when its heated at its highest level (equivalent to when Lebron is on the court).

akron vs miami

Akron Vs. Miami
Image Via Nike
This Akron colorway pays tribute to Lebron’s blue collar upbringing in Ohio while blending the tropical colors of his new home in Miami. In a lineup of what seems to be an endless supply of dope colorway’s this pairs a stand out.

nike miami nights

Miami Nights
Image Via Nike
Another South Beach inspired Lebron gets the Job done. Carbon fiber panels, pink accents and Icey soles make for a difficult pair to pass up.

lebron id

Black On Black aka Murdered Out (Nike ID)
Image Via NikeID
This shoe conjures up memories of the Nike Foamposite I & II. You just CAN’T go wrong with an all black Lebron XI, match them up with anything.

black white

Black/White/Glow In The Dark (Nike ID)
Image Via NikeID
Its not easy to find a shoe that matches with just about everything but yet still stands out, that’s where the white, black and glow in the dark Lebron XI comes in. Simplicity is beauty.

game royal

Game Royal (Nike ID)
Image Via NikeID
Paying homage to the shoe that started it all, this Game Royal colorway of the XI is a shoe that Penny would be proud of. Ditch the icey soles option and opt for the solid outsoles to dead the yellowing.