Lets face it, 90’s fashion is here to stay. Most dudes been had Polo, but for those in the know its not all about the RL. During the 90’s, the Tommy patch lived a long side your P Wing and thanks to eBay you can keep your closet freshly stocked of both brands (if your pockets are deep enough). Week after week good pieces show up on eBay, lets take a look at the top 5 on eBay right now (in no particular order).

Nautical Windbreaker

$_57[2] (5)

Throw this on with some Timberland World Hikers and your good money.

Athletic Gear Pullover


This jacket is for the guy that loves Foamposites, Jordan’s and Air Max 95’s. While the colors may not work for your everyday outfit, tasteful hits of 3M in combination with sig Tommy colors and a fit that’s not overly baggy make this one to seriously consider (if your size of course).

Sailing Gear Jacket

$_57[4] (2)

If you love vintage Tommy then you know that these jackets are that bomb ish we dream of. Complete with the large Hilfiger patch on the back and in a dark navy this is Hilfiger heritage at its best.

Metallic Silver Puffer

$_57[2] (7)

Relive the Puffy era in this classic metallic puffer.

Tommy Hilfiger Sailing Jacket

$_57[4] (3)

Second only to the large patch Jackets (depending on who you talk to) these jackets are a back packers dream. They are relatively lightweight and can keep you warm in moderately cold weather. The patch and Tommy Hilfiger on opposite sleeves brings the entire design together for a dope piece.