battleground 1 b

The first model of the Battleground Pump which was part of Reebok’s Blacktop line, released back in 1991 and was an instant hit. They retro’d back in 2004 (under the radar of a lot of people) never to be seen again. A decade later (really can’t believe its 10 years) and Reebok is bringing back the Battleground pump, this time opting to bring back the third model in the series. While you keep your fingers crossed for a Battleground I retro, the III will hold you over just fine. check out the release dates above and below for each colorway coming from Reebok and know as always the company can change these at any moment.

Black/extreme purple/feather blue 5/9/2014

battlground pump 3

White/black/night beacon/canvas/silver grey 5/9/2014

battleground 1 b

White/black/flash red 6/6/2014

Battleground Pump 2 a