As years pass by diehard Jordan collectors salivate at the chance to get their hands on a pair of Jordan’s with the ‘Nike Air’ branding (for shoes that originally featured it). Some will pick up an OG pair and let it sit in the box or on a shelf just for admiration, some are waiting for JB to crack and give us all the Jordan’s (1-6) in OG form and then there are those that have taken matters into their own hands, soleswappers. By taking the sole from a new pair of Jordan’s of the same model and gluing them to the original pair with Nike Air, you would then have a wearable pair of OG’s. While this is nothing new, as with anything some work is shoddy and some is on point. Recently a SET of Nike Air Jordan VI’s completely sole swapped hit eBay, and done almost to perfection. If you have a small foot and large pockets you’ll be able to snag the entire set somewhere in the $7500.00 range. Via eBay.