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In contrast to what some feel about Banksy’s art work popping up around NYC, if you haven’t stood around one of his pieces and made a new friend then you really aren’t getting the full experience and thus shouldn’t be to quick to come to a conclusion on your opinion. Bloomberg declared a war on the work of the world renowned graf artist, some see it as nothing more than defacing public property and then theres the guys that think by ruining one of his pieces they are somehow going to become famous themselves (fail) but outside of the negativity is excitement and feeling that we are experiencing something special that he has brought to a city (where unemployment is rampant and people routinely blow by one another on many occasions with dirty looks) a small happiness. Show up to one of his pieces and theres a good chance you will end up meeting lots of good people (that is of course unless you show up trying to destroy one of his pieces). At this point, a number of his pieces are no longer up and then theres the pieces that building owners are protecting with survaliance and guards. If you get the chance to go out and see on of them do it ASAP. Check out some fliks above and below.

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