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The school year is riiiiiight around the corner and if you are entering your senior year (or have a child entering their senior year) then you’re probably already thinking Homecoming and Prom. For the fella’s, a clean classic shirt and tie or Tux will work and if you want to stand out you’ll probably throw on a set of the craziest sneakers; a pair of Yeezy’s, Jordan XI’s, maybe even a pair of Etonic Akeems if you really know your kicks but for the ladies, things are a tad more complex. On one hand you wanna stand out and look good but you don’t want to look like a World Star video vixen in the making. After thats said and done, price is always an issue as is quality cause lets face it, this dress might very well be worn several times. No sweat, you can get a jump start for your dress shopping (or your daughters dress shopping (or if your man is into the Rodman look dress shopping for him)) and head on over to Prom dresses and homecoming dresses are up to 60% off with free shipping (not including everything else available on the site that is up to 80% off) and so much good stuff to choose from.

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