How many of you remember the days when Nike Air still adorned the back of your Jordan III’s, IV’s, V’s, & VI’s? The last time we’ve been able to purchase a fresh pair of III-VI with Nike Air on the back was 2001. Thats (at the time of this post) 11 years ago. Over the years we’ve heard every B.S. excuse in the book from “their a separate company now so they can’t do it” to “they wont do it because the OG’s are ‘special'”. We’ll here’s the thing. In 2001, Brand Jordan WAS a separate company the same way they are today, YET, we were able to buy a pair of black cement III’s with Nike Air on the back. In regards to keeping them special, let me tell you, theres nothing special about staring at a pair of sneakers you paid over a grand for on your mantle. Sneakers were made to be worn, why would anyone want to stare at a pair of shoes that if possible they would wear?! OG’s will always be OG’s, they will never be made with the same materials, the same shapes, etc. but Nike Air could easily be thrown on the back of these shoes.

When the III-VI were being designed you know good and well the words “Nike Air” were incorporated into the entire design process. Also, if Brand Jordan were so up in arms about the words “Nike Air” to distinguish themselves from Nike then why do they retro the Jordan I with NIKE’S swoosh logo? Why not just throw a Jumpman on the side of the shoe? It really doesn’t make sense but enough rambling go check out that video below!