I remember the 1990 Nike Air Solo Flight as a near industructible shoe that I did pretty much everything in and it still had tons of life left. I was able to pick up a few pairs of these back in 2003 and 2004 both with visible air and non visible air. The Visible air solo flights had a little more cushion, better leather, and more plastics on the upper. They looked very agressive. The non visible air solo flights were just as nice looking although they featured less plastics and lesser quality leather. I’ve learned that its easier to find wearable pairs of solo flights in the non visible air category. If you search this blog you will find a few pictures from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault however the pictures below are not from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault. With the high top trend in full effect we found it only fitting that this shoe be brought back. Check out the pics below and vote below. Stay tuned because we will be adding more pictures enjoy!

solo flight

humpty flight