Background: The Nike Trainer SC, BO Jackson’s unofficial signature shoe and one of Nike’s greatest (with the most popular colorway the orange and blue) returned in 2009 After an 11 year wait. When I received my pairs I was quite upset to see that they were all defective, mainly around the toe box area. There were some visible differences but it was most likely to help keep the appearance of the shoe looking new longer. All in all it was a solid retro (minus quality issues). The 1998 version was much more true to the original than the 09 retro. For one, a size 11.5 fit like a size 11.5 not like an 11 as the 09 Retro’s did. There were no issues with deformed toe boxes everything came out of the box new and nice like it should. The tongue on the 1998 retro was better constructed and softer than the 09 counterpart. The grey going around the back of the shoe was much lighter and the blue stripe going across the front of the shoe was nubuck not leather. One thing I do like about the re-retro’s over the 98 retro’s is the white area of the heal. It is much easier to clean it than that on the 98 retro’s. You can’t go wrong with either release, but if you can find a 98 retro in the 140-200 range I say go for it, otherwise you will be fine with your 2009 retro’s. Don’t sleep on either, because as time passes the prices go up! Below are pictures of the 1998 Retro from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault enjoy.