This has to be one of the most interesting Nike sneakers ever produced. At a time where most people were thinking inside the box someone at Nike was thinking outside, wayyyyyyy outside the box. Although I have seen some people say that their pairs were from the lat 70’s personally I haven’t seen them. This pair was made in 1982. The shoe was a limited production run, mostly reserved for celebrities, and employees. There was an article in sole collector (as you can see from the pics below) on these and there was an interesting story about a mom and pop owner that had the foresight to order a bunch of pairs. This shoe was an ode to the disco era and definitely made for dancing (look at the bottom of the shoe). I obtained this pair from a former Nike employee that worked at Nike headquarters for over 18 years. He told me some priceless stories about Nike in its earlier days. The number 7 written on the inside Nike label indicates that this was an employee shoe. Notice, these were made in the USA. This was before Nike moved production overseas. I was told at the time, Nike had factories in the USA, Japan, and Taiwan. Nike eventually shut down US manufacturing due to the high number of defective products coupled with tons of bogus work mans comp claims. Japanese production was shut down not because of quality issues (I was told Japan had the lowest return rate) but because of the high cost of manufacturing (during this time Japan’s economy came into its own). This pair, as hard as it is to believe was still wearable when I obtained them. I did limited walking in them and ultimately decided to sell them off, they felt very delicate although the mid soles was solid. The nylon uppers is very very light weight (feels like your wearing a sock with a midsole attached to it). They run snug so if your hunting for a pair go a half size up. Wearable pairs do exist (but are extremely rare). I have to say It would be very very interesting if Nike decided to retro this shoe. Anyhow check out the pictures below from the DeFY. New York Vault, PLUS! Bonus pictures of Mr. David Hasselhoff and Michael Jackson Killin it with the Nike Night Tracks!!!!!!!! (Those two pictures were not taken by DeFY. New York.)