Ok so your probably wondering how the hell is this mutha luva going to write a review on a poster? Well the story starts in 2007, I was at a local flea market and there was a guy there selling sneakers and clothing there for years. I had just begun a business (I will get into that for another article) and he was ending a business. We spoke for close to a half hour, and I negotiated a bulk sale of some sneakers and clothing that had sat dormant for at least 18-23 years. After moving nearly all of his 18-23 year old stock in little more than a month, he surprised me. Since he was closing up shop for good and retiring he was giving some stuff away. To thank me he climbed to the back of his storage and alllllllll the way at the top sat a gem untouched for 23 years. My jaw dropped, it was an original promotional poster from Puma for the 1984 movie “Beat Street”. The thick dust came off without a hitch revealing a poster that was fresh. Then, he handed me another poster. It was for Mr Clyde Fraziers sig shoe from Puma. To say the least it was a GOOD day. I held onto both posters for months but had no where to put them. I eventually (reluctantly) broke down and sold them . The posters meant a lot since the Beat Street poster itself was super rare, the movie is historic and the guy that gave it to me did so out of appreciation. It did break my heart to see it go, but it did go to an appropriate new owner. The person that wound up buying the poster knew the dancers on the poster (the New York City Breakers) and danced with them in the past. It definitely eased the pain. If you are lucky enough to find a good example of this poster you would definitely be wise to invest in a decent frame as they do command a hefty price tag for a poster. Anyhow, these pictures hold good memories and have been taken from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault, and a bonus video of my favorite scene from the movie enjoy them!