We here at DeFY. Respect that everyone is not going to like the same thing. Understood. But when it comes to the Converse Chuck Taylor ALOT of people have at some point owned a pair. They come in just about every single color imaginable, are pretty affordable (atleast they were) and are almost as American as apple pie….ALMOST. Converse was made in the USA before Nike bought out the struggling company and moved production overseas. With the buy out went with it the last string of quality the standard release Converse All Star had. The canvas is almost paper thin, the midsole provides ZERO comfort and they wear out pretty quick. Converse does have some higher quality (and more expensive)alternatives with more comfort and better materials but they are usually Japenese only only releases (like the Converse addict). The original 50,60, and 70’s Chuck Taylor’s (as simple as they were) featured thick 3 ply canvas, and insoles that were thick and comfy as well as a stylish black (or blue) label on the heel. The original’s command some pretty hefty prices (An original 1950’s pair of Converse Fastbreaks was sold a few months back for 350.00 USD.) Visvim used Converse’s Fastbreak design as the blueprint for their “kiefer-hi mayan canvas”. If you can, you would be doing your feet a favor picking up an OG pair (some of the pairs from the mid 90’s will suffice as they are more comfy than chucks of today but still not as good as the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s chuck t’s). Below (and above) are pictures from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault enjoy:)